Opened on July 5, 2023
Natural Shaved Ice Shop in Hacchobori, Tokyo
Kōri no Oto Hanare


I was captivated by natural ice, and in July 2022, I opened 'Ten'nen Kōri, Kōri no Oto' in Kita-Urawa. About a year later, in July 2023, I am set to open 'Ten'nen Kōri, Kōri no Oto Hanare' in Hacchobori, Tokyo. I freeze natural ice at a low temperature and shave it slowly, wanting to make it difficult for everyone to choose their menu with the best combination of fruits. I am preparing the best combinations of natural ice, fruits, and sauces.

Introduction to natural ice

Natural ice refers to ice made slowly over time, using only the cold of winter. When water is frozen slowly, it becomes ice of high purity without impurities. Therefore, natural ice made in this way becomes clear, bubble-free ice. Natural ice is stored in 'ice houses' (himuro) after being made in the winter, waiting for summer. In the early Showa period, there were nearly 100 ice houses across the country, but now only about 5 remain. Moreover, production is becoming increasingly difficult year by year due to global warming and, in some regions, issues with radiation. This has made natural ice extremely rare.